Children and Youth

Settlement Worker in Schools

The Miramichi Regional Multicultural Association, in partnership with District 16, offers the services of a Settlement Worker in the Schools for newcomer students. The services are available to all schools in District 16.  This program assists newcomer students to integrate into the Canadian school system and is a bridge between the parents and the school.  

The program includes:

  • Counselling and guidance, referrals and information for both students and parents
  • Liaison between newcomer parents and teachers
  • Community involvement  through volunteer participation in school projects
  • Recreational activities through coordination of attendance and participation of sports and cultural events
  • Arrangements for English language instruction in the schools
  • Cultural awareness through involvement with MRMA activities

Summer Program


The Miramichi Regional Multicultural Association promotes knowledge and respect towards the concept of multiculturalism and diversity. One way that the association has been strengthening multiculturalism in the Miramichi region is by delivering educational programs to our youth. Youth participating in summer camps and programs, such as Camp Sheldrake and library programs have been able to take advantage of these interactive educational programs.

The program delivery consists of a short lecture about a culture and is then followed by a fun filled educational craft or game. Youth develop an awareness of countries and cultures through festivals, events, games and crafts that originate from a variety of countries.